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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 29, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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wolf case. sources tell me be a dobe was angry about the u.s. wars in afghanistan and iraq and was heading to ft. hood to get revenge. we're told that abdo had been under investigation for months. apparently he initially came under suspicion after he was allegedly overheard making radical statements. military officials started looking at his background and eventually came across child pornography so his computer. abdo facing those charges in a court-martial disappeared on the fourth of july. in addition to the bomb-making materials in that texas hotel, police discovered jihadist material. as the investigation continues, the fbi wants to know did abdo become a ticking time bomb on his own or did someone encourage him? rob and tanya? >> all right, pierre thomas. norway's police now believe last friday's mass murders were carried out by a lone wolf attacker. since killing 76 people in that bombing and shooting massacre, anders breivik has said he is part of a network of people plotting against multi-cultural europe. but authorities now say he acted
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alone last week and he kept his plans to himself for about a decade. their concern now is that his attacks could inspire others. and some major developments in the sexual assault trial of polygamist leader warren jeffs. jeffs fired his high-powered defense team. he's now representing himself in a case which could land him in prison for life. jeffs told the judge his now former lawyers could not represent what he called a pure defense. >> one might view this as him saying that this is my battle and i want to represent myself. >> he made his decision. i think he'll do as good as he could do under the circumstances. >> the judge denied jeffs' request for more time to prepare his own defense. when it was his turn to make an opening statement he sat silently in his courtroom seat. some dramatic surveillance video from the latest in a string of jewelry h hsts in l.a. the robbers busted in with pepper spray. they smashed showcases and took
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off with about $7,000 worth of goods. police say the heists are being pulled off by several gangs. they believe the high price of gold is one obvious motivating factor. a pair of robbers were caught on camera in central florida and one of them may look a little familiar to u. the first man was wearing a black mask when he held up a 7-eleven near orlando in the middle of the night. his accomplice was sporting a bright yellow spongebob squarepants mask. police say the men fired shots in the store but no one was injured. >> spongebob, always a little tricky. the new york hotel housekeeper accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault expressed gratitude at her first news conference. nafissatou diallo spoke at a brooklyn church where she thanked supporters. she says she's coming out publicly to be strong for her 15-year-old daughter as well as other women. diallo said she wanted to make it clear certain allegations were not true, including one
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report she was working as a prost attitude. tropical storm don is making its way to south texas where they are looking forward to much might have needed rain. the storm is on track to blow ashore tonight or early tomorr. several inches of rain should fall. as abc's diana alvear reports it may not be enough to bust the drought. >> reporter: it may not look like a storm is on the way. but emergency management teams in galveston, texas, are preparing for tropical storm don's arrival. >> it's going to be pretty fast and by friday night, this thing's going to be making landfall. so we're not talking, you know, something that you can watch for the next seven days because it's going to be over with. >> reporter: and that's disappointing news for the lone star state. 75% of it is mired in a miserable drought. the last nine months, the trodrt ever recorded. this pond used to provide water for cattle. 12 feet of water, gone. leaving behind nothing but dry, cracked mud. >> we'd love to see a tropical storm with plenty of moisture and not all the wind. would hit the spot.
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>> reporter: as lakes evaporate, algae and bacteria are taking over what's left, forcing officials to shut them down. volunteers are working to rescue and rehydrate starving animals. it seems the only creaturing thriving are grass hoppers. wous the fungal diseases caused by rainfall that keep them in check, they've taken over, eating what's left of the crops. >> we're really just getting by right now, and i don't know how much longern day keep these cows. because we are real short on grass at this time. >> reporter: so they're praying don decides to stick around to ease the pain of the trout and put an end to the grass hoppers' feast. diana alvear, abc news. >> hope being placed in don, there. see if he delivers. farmers and ranchers could get all the rain they can get from tropical storm don. our coverage continues -- >> with accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. >> we continue t watch tropical storm don moving its way at a
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pretty good clip north and westward toward the texex gulf coast. now, this is infrared satellite imagery. we're looking at the temperature more or less of the cloud tops. we can see plenty of bright oranges out therer showing this storm continues to strengthen as it moves toward the coast. we expect it to remain at tropical storm strength. we do expect it also to make landfall sometime around the 8:00, 9:00 p.m. time frame around corpus christi. winds strong 60 to 65 miles per hour as it does make landfall and weakening. good news is getting some rainfall. extreme drought across much of texas. we'll get significant rain, some spots as much as 8inches. >> thanks, jim. here's the rest of your weather. heavy rain from around little rock, memphis, and louisville. showers and thunderstorms and flooding minneapolis to detroit. more down pours in the desert southwest. thunderstorms in the northeast. >> 105 in phoenix. 90 in albuquerque. mostly 80s fargo to detroit. 94 in atlanta. 85 here in the big apple.
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well, here's a story that we usually don't hear from the middle east. a world record, in fact. >> pretty cool story. some 13,000 children steered clear of trouble in gaza to fly their kites at the same time. it all made for a pretty colorful show in the skies. >> the previous record of more than 10,000 flying kites at once was set earlier this year in china. so good for those kids. and congratulations. >> that is a cool scene out there. a little peace and a nice little event t d aorld record. >> and a world record to go with it. >> not bad. more "world news now" coming up after the break.
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the time is, they are a-changing. change is coming for one of the top-selling over-the-counter drugs. it's probably in your medicine cabinet right now. >> millions of folks. the makers of extra-strength tylenol are lowering the maximum recommended daily dose. as abc's andrea canning reports it's actually a move that could save lives. >> reporter: it's a big reversal. johnson & johnson changing its recommendation for how many extra-strength tylenols you should take in a day. no longer take eight pills a day. they say by the fall the company will roll out new guidelines saying take no more than six pills a day. why the change? fears of dangerous overdoses. the key ingredient in tie len control is acetaminophen. it's also an ingredient in over 600 medications you might be taking like alka-seltzer,
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nyquil, sudafed. in some cases people are mixing medications and unknowingly overdosing on acetaminophen. >> it can kill people when used in large doses. so trying to reduce the doses people use is wise. >> reporter: acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of liver failure in the u.s., sending 56,000 americans to the hospital each year. about 450 die as a direct result. margo lee ratner took tylenol several times a day saying she kept to the recommended dose. her liver suddenly failed. >> the medication which made me feel better and take away my headaches or any other pains could make me so sick, it just didn't make sense to me. >> reporter: johnson & johnson made the call on its own to try and protect consumers. so beginning this fall, look for the extra-strength tylenol packages recommending you take less. starting in january, regular tylenol will as well. doctors say people looking to
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control the pain should heed the advice now. six extra-strength tylenols a day,ot eight. andrea canning, abc news, los angeles. >> very y portant public safety issue. you didn't realize, people think it's just tylenol. but you can overdose a little bit on that. >> absolutely. it's good that they're making this move on their own without the fda stepping in. >> that's true. the label changes for those of you tylenol and tylenol p.m., big fan here, look for those labels in the fall going from eight pills a day to six as the maximum dose. >> a total of 3,000 milligrams. coming up next, we'll lighten the mood a little bit. the royal duchess who is continuing to set fashion trends. >> kate's love for legwear has women everywhere heading for the panty hose aisle. i don't know about that. >> i don't know about that either.
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♪ she got legs she knows how to use e em ♪ >> great song selection as always. >> she does have great legs. kate middleton aka the duchess of cambridge is known to have the midas touch when it comes to fashion. if she weaea it the next day everyone else is wearing it. >> it's her latest style choice of steer pantyhose, fashion gold or fashion faux pas? here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. ♪ >> reporter: she is, perhaps, the most modern fashion icon today. which is why the duchess of cambridge has left so many in sheer disbelief. she's been spotted wearing panty hose. yep. right there. and there. sheer panty hose. during the north american tour she wore stockings with dresses more often than not. >> basically, every single time
2:50 am
kate was seen in public with a few exceptions where she was in boat shoes and jeans, kate was in panty hose. date's hose are so sheer and they look so good o on h that people are taken by surprise to think that she was wearing panty hose. >> reporter: a closer look revealed they had little nonslip grips on the pads of her feet, proving again she's practical. nylons were all the rage in the u.s. from the '40s well into the '70s. ♪ gentlemen prefer haines >> reporter: for most of the last 20 years, bare legs have ruled. >> when i think of sheer hose i think of those suntan hose or the hose m grandmother had. is that sheer hose today? >> that is so not sheer hose today. we have over 44 different options in our styles alone, just in hosiery. >> reporter: but once kate didied her fashionable foot into a pair, nude hose sales shot up 12% in the u.s.
2:51 am
did people start calling? >> absolutely. oh, we saw this, it looks so fabulous, and i didn't know there were so many choices. it's been a wonderful boon for our business. >> reporter: in the uk, haines and leggs reported 85% increase in the sales of nude hose in the last year. back in the u.s., hollywood is starting to embrace the trend. sarah jessica parker. mish ga barton. still, not everyone's convinced there will be a run on stockings any time soon. nude panty hose. a yes or a no? >> i don't think so. not for me. >> it's kind of old-fashioned, out of style. >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> i've got to say i'm not sure i'm ready to sport a pair of nude hose just yet. how about you, rob? >> i'm definitely not going back, i don't like the way they bunch up, especially in the summer. >> do you like the lady with bare legs? >> i like that lady. i like that jacket too. >> that's a good look for you. >> good morning, mrs. robinson.
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i love it, i love it. >> it's time for you to graduate. >> for extra credit. your "morning papers" is coming up next. hó
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that transform lathering into lavishing. olay body collections. "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> this is news that i love right here. news out of the sunset -- there's nothing iphone or apps don't do these days. there's a new app called near beer. >> a verery important develop. >> we'll show you the nearest bars and restaurants that are offering deals on your very favorite beers. and of course you can integrate it with facebook and twitter, let your buddies know where you're at, become the brewmaster of your neighborhood. whatever beer happens to be your favorite. >> let us in on the secret? where's the nearest place? >> we'll know in about five minutes. >> we'll make a beeline.
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>> for you tech-savvy alcoholics, you go for it. >> a casey anthony mask sold on ebay last night for $1 million. >> whoa. >> that's right. now even if the guy can't collect, the seller out of los angeles, can't collect, there were four bids over $700,000. >> what makes it worth thth much money? >> he wrote, halloween is only a few months away, this is your chance to scare the bleep out of everyone. >> it's friday, folks. time for the polka. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," tropical trouble. the first storm of the season heads for the south texas shores. >> this morning's prepaparation for tropical storm don. hours before it dumps down pours on the lone star state. it's friday, july 29th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rive rivero. >> happy friday, i'm rob nelson. tropical storm don could hit the coastline by tonight. preparations are going on right now along the shore. farmers and ranchers who have been struggling with a severe drought in recent weeks and are looking forward to much-needed rainfall. let's hope the storm -- >> dangerous. >> not dangerous but hope it
3:01 am
wettens up the area a little bit. frustration for john boehner who tried for hours last night to get the gop support he needs to pass his plan to attack the debt. he's putting so much effort into a bill that faces defeat in the senate. also later this half hour, warnings to suburban nights and people in big cities about hungry coyotes wandering into town from the wild. see why pets and people are at risk. kind of scary. walking with a stick to beat become a coyote. >> don't want to see that in a dark alleyway. we begin with the fourth named storm of the season, tropical storm don, heading to parched texas, the state that needs it most. >> instead of everyone bracing for the storm, many are actually welcoming it. our coverage beginness with ktrk with the latest now from corpus christi. >> reporter: mother nature is serving up her first tropical trouble in the gulf this summer. >> we haven't mentioned this
3:02 am
storm except this weather's fantastic right now. >> reporter: so does anyone on the beach scared about the forecast? nope. >> i feel confident that, you know, it's not going to hit, period. >> reporter: is the castro family at least making preparations? >> not at all. >> there we go, right there. >> reporter: but we did find sailboat owners in corpus christi preparing just in case. >> supposed to be a nonevent but you don't want to wait until it's blowing 40 knots to try and get your boat ready. >> reporter: the lousy forecast may be scaring some tourists away. >> we're leaving. we've got to go. >> reporter: but maybe it will cool things off. it's beginning to look like malachi's bark. mamae worse than don's bite. >> i haven't done anything. nothing. i probably want to go pull stuff off my porch. >> reporter: in corpus christi, abc news. as texas suffers through one of its worst droughts on record, tropical storm don's drenching rain could bring a bit of
3:03 am
relief. but the storm is not expected to be a drought-buster.. some areas are so dry, the cracks in the soil are 30 inches deep. don could also break a heat wave that's gripped texas for weeks. >> little taste of relief. let's get the lateses on th rainfall we can expxpt from tropical storm don. >> our coverage continues with accuweather meteorologist jimim dickey. >> good morning, rob and tanya. we continue to watch tropical storm don here moving its way at a good clip north and west toward the texas gulf coast. we're looking at the infrared satellite imagery. bright oranges marking that this storm is slowly strengthening as it's moving northwestward. you can see more of a concentric pattern around the center of rotation. we expect it to make landfall around corpus christi as we head toward nightfall. not expecting much of a wind storm. we expect it to stay at tropical storm strength. winds 50, 60-mile-per-hours as it does make landfall.
3:04 am
extreme drought across much of texas. much-needed rainfall. some spots as much as 8 inches. rob and tanya, back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot, jim. now the rest of your friday forecast. we have some rain from the gulf coast to little rock, memphis, nashville and louisville. thunderstorms around minneapolis, chicago, and detroit. stormy in the northeast from d.c. up to nurchg. and some heavy down pours in the southwest. >> mostly 90s in the rockies. 105 in phoenix. upper 80s fargo to detroit. a wet 85 here in new york. now to that political firestorm over the federal debt. members of congress stayed pretty late last night waiting for a vote that never happened. >> it was the latest move in a political showdown involving both parties. abc's john hendren has the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. in the end house speaker john boehner could not rally ris troops. he simply gave up. >> the bill's not perfect. i never said it was perfect, nobody in my caucus believes it's perfect.
3:05 am
but what this bill reflects is a sincere, honest effort to end this crisis. >> reportete a number of tea partyers, including presidential candidate michele bachmann, did not go along. >> i cannot, i am committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the measure may still get passed and go to the senate where it has very little chance.. all 53 democrats have signed a letter to daner saying they would vote against it. democrats back a rival bill by the senate'semocratic leader harry reid. it would raise the debt limit through 2013, after the next election. republicans complain it is full of accounting gimmicks. >> they intend to vote against the only piece of legislation that has any chance of preventing all this from happening. >> reporter: but with no clear path to get the deal done, the white house is frustrated. >> what we need to do is get beyond voting on dead on arrival measures that aren't going to become law when we have so few days left to reach a compromise. >> reporter: some democrats are urging president obama to do an end run, ignoring congress and
3:06 am
raising the debt limit by himself by invokingg the 14th amendment. that says the u.s. guarantees it will pay all its debts. rob and tanya? >> so scary that it's gotten to this point. >> it's amazing. not only the friction between democrats and republicans but within the gop. what this says about how welll boehner can run the party. also an important meeting in new york today. some of the largest banks in the country are going to get together to talk to treasury officials to map out doomsday >> we've got to be prepared. it looks grim right now. >> tuesday is the deadline. we'll see. in other news, congressman joe walsh says a report that he's a deadbeat dad is a political hit job. the illinois lawmaker is a star of the tea party known for accusing president obama with "spending like a drunken sailor." but his ex-wife is suing him for for $117,000 in child support. she says he claimed poverty to avoid paying then loaned his own campaign $35,000 to run for congress. now back to texas where
3:07 am
police say it was a retired cop working at a gun shop who tipped them off to a possible terror plot. that led them to a motel where they not only found a runaway soldier but also an al qaeda article how to make a bomb. on top of that they found plenty of explosives too. >> t.j. winick joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. authorities say major nidal hasan bought his murder weapons from two years ago. authorities believe they have averted another massacre near ft. hood after arresting a soldier they say was planning a devastating attack. >> military personnel weree target of this suspect. >> reporter: 21-year-old private first class nasser be a do was an awol soldier who had been granted conshen sht objective status earlier this year due to his muslim faith. this is an interview he did with al jazeera. >> i can't both deploy and be a muslim and do the both simultaneously. >> reporter: police reportedly found enough material for two
3:08 am
bombs. including gunpowder, shotgun shells, 18 pounds of sugar to possibly enhance the explosives, christmas lights possibly to act as a timer, and backpack with gee laudi literature. >> we had officers on the location and he was taken down rather quickly without incident. >> reporter: according to documents obtained by abc news, abdo told law enforcement he wanted to get even and was inspired by the 2009 attack on ft. hood, allegedly committed by major nidal hasan in which 13 people were killed. abdo hoped to detonate bombs at two restaurants popular with ft. hood personnel before using a pistol to shoot any survivors. >> you get a certain group of people, and hopefully it's a small group, who decide that they really want to use the military to launch their own philosophies and ideas, in this case, radical islamic extremism. >> reporter: abdo is apparently agery over charges he was facing for possessing child pornography. he insists he was only charged because he was trying to leave the army.
3:09 am
>> pretty scary stuff. police allegedly found some articles from the online al qaeda website entitled how to make your own bomb. >> very clear what this guy was going to do. thank god for that gun shop owner, former cop and former marine, who said things aren't adding up. that's what nipped this case before things turned d ddly again at ft. hood. >> thank goodness. if you're going to sell guns it's a good thing you're on top of your game. >> if you see something, say something. that guy did. moving on now, federal agents and local police searching forr11-year-old selene ah cass are working with let's evidence. cass was last seen monday night inside her family's home in northern new hampshire. there are no known suspects in her disappearance just yet. fbi child abduction specialists are now using advance search techniques in the air and on the ground. but so far, they've come up with no leads. >> sad story. jeopardy! host alex trebek heads to the hospital for achilles heel surgery today to repair injury he suffered while chasing a
3:10 am
burglar at his san francisco hotel room this week. the suspect, lucinda moyers, is being held on $625,000 bail. she's been convicted of burglary twice before. moyers says she's innocent. if convicted she's faces a strict sentence under california's three strikes law. earlier this week we saw that wayward penguin happy feet back in the water at a zoo in new zealand. now there's much bigger news about the little guy. >> he's been given a clean bill of health and minders say he'll be released for the long swim back home to ant artica in the next few weeks. >> seems happy feet has been bulking up. he's put on about nine pounds since first being discovered on the beach about five weeks ago. happy feet is large, in charge, and heading home. >> good for him. i hope he makes it. >> it will be a long journey. >> got a long way to go. he certainly looked happy. >> good luck, dude. more "world news now" coming up after the break. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ waiting waiting for the nightfall ♪ welcome back, everybody. now for the sights and sounds that made headlines this week. we of course heard from politicians as they continued to debate the nation's debt ceiling. >> we also heard from you, the viewer, asking them to act. and we said good-bye to a voice silenced too soon. here's "the week in quotes." >> we can't allow the american people to become clot ral damage. >> i know the president's worried about the next election. my god shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> i called yesterday. i'll call again tomorrow. i'll call as many times as it takes. >> going to the edge of a cliff may be exciting for some people. but it doesn't make sense from a way of running a country.
3:16 am
>> if they downgrade the u.s. treasury, that will be the most significant downgrade in the history of rating agencies. >> i don't know what's worse, the felling that i'm soon going to die, and that i heard so many shots of this gun. it never stopped shooting. >> i saw his rifle. and that he pointed it at the kids who still was at the shore. the kids that was too afraid to swim. and -- then he -- executed them. >> translator: he thought it was gruesome having to commit these acts but in his head it was necessary. >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want him to know you cannot use your power when you do something like this. >> amy was about one thing and that was love. her whole life was devoted to
3:17 am
her family and her friends and to you guys as well. so we're devastated and i'm speechless. >> we now pronounce you legally married. >> i'm glad that my parents are getting married. >> we've always felt married in our hearts and that's certainly the way our children experience our family. >> big week in new york for those couples. >> a lot going on. >> absolutely. next week's going to be hot too in terms of a lot coming up. tuesday is august 2nd. what that's going to mean for the government, what it's going to mean for the global markets, and of course for average folks, credit cards and fort begans and 4 over 1 ks. >> probably the biggest day of the week. wednesday is coming up in very close second place. katie couric is making her big abc news debut here on our station. we're excited to see her. she's going to be on "the view." >> welcome, katie, to the family here at abc. also not to be outdone, next week will be national mustard day. wall to wall coverage of that as well. >> i imagine we'll probably be
3:18 am
eating something with mulls tard. >> like those chilil dogs yet. oh, man. never dull. >> of course thursday, president barack obama turns 50. >> that's his birthday. >> a big one. >> not exactly celebrating. >> >> coming up next, serious warnings to pet owners from police. >> it's a wild and often heartbreaking scene when coyotes wander into town looking for food. >> you're watching "world news food. >> you're watching "world news now." [voice of alicia keys] over 1000 babies are born every day with hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but the plain truth is this can l be prevented. we can reach the goal of no child born with hiv by 2015. go to one dot org. together we can stop the spread of hiv from mothther to chil we're not asking for your money. we're asking for your voice. go to one dot org and join us today.
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california's oc is known to be a place of beauty and opulence. but things got ugly recently when a woman there was attacked by a coyote. >> don't worry, it wasn't one of the real housewives. she survived but her terrier wasn't as lucky. aattacks like these are on the rise. here's abc's david wright.
3:20 am
>> reporter: these days whenever linda malone takes carnegie for a walk she always dresses for battle. you've got a sticic a whistle, a knife. you are seriously prepared. >> i am so serious. >> reporter: this gated retirement community in orange county is safe as can be from criminals. but not coyotes. three attacks in the last three days. karen lost her yorkie pooh. >> by the time i knew anything happened the dog was dead. >> how often do you get calls about coyotes? >> right now upwards of a dozen a day. >> reporter: animal control officer joy falk says coyotes are territorial and increasingly aggressive. >> used to be all they wouould for was a chihuahua, yorkie. now they're approaching german shepherds, standard poodles, things like that. >> big dogs. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's not just a california problem. >> yes, i believe coyotes are found in just about every state
3:21 am
in the country. >> reporter: in recent years one wandered into a quiznos in downtown chicago. helicopters spotted another in new york's central park. last week in broomfield, colorado, a coyote attacked a toddler. in redland, oregon, earlier this month this west highland terrier was lucky to escape with his life. what should you do if you encounter one? >> we're advising people to walk in groups of two or three or at least have a walking stick, cane or golf club. people have successfully fended them off. >> reporter: so linda malone has the right idea. >> that's my dog. and i'm going to protect him. >> reporter: ready to defend little carnegie. >> this warrior mama. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, laguna woods, california. >> defend is right. the oc city council is considering an emergency resolution to allow people to shoot the coyotes. >> that's going to be the next step. if they're invading quiz knows it's time for drastic action.
3:22 am
don't leave your pets outdoors. don't leave pet food outdoors. carry a big stick. >> don't ever feed them.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
it is friday. thank goodness. >> thank you, lord. >> which means it is time for "insomniac theater." if you can't decide which movie to see we've got the early reviews to help you choose. >> take a look at the new steve carell/ryan gosling movie which looks really good. we'll start with the much-hyped "do you boys and aliens." the title says it all. you know what you're getting into. basically daniel craig plays this character in the movie, kind of a stranger, in 1875, new mexico. kind of has no memory of his past. walks into town, doesn't sit too well with the locals at first. then the real battle begins when these cowboys start doing battle
3:26 am
with these aliens and the plot goes on from there. big names in this movie including the one and only hair upon ford. take a listen. >> jake lonorgan. >> mind following me over to the office so we can have us a little chat. >> i think you've got the wrong man. >> i'm going to need you to come with us all the same. >> mixed reviews so far on this one. rotten tomatoes 5.6. associated press 2 of 4 stars. people said the story too simple, characters undeveloped, they didn't mix the genres too well. still looks pretty good. >> well, "crazy stupid love" looks good, it's getting good reviews. story line is about 40-something cal who thinks he's living the dream, got the good job, nice house, great kids, marriage to his high school sweetheart. everything quickly unvalve
3:27 am
relevants when she admits she had an affair, she wants a divorce. he can't believe it. cal becomes a sidekick of this guy right here. this guy shows him how to pick up the ladies. >> you ever see crying kid? >> what does that have to do with anything if. >> you know how he's teaching him to wax on and off? >> i buy her a drink. >> yes, always. without fail. you buy her a drink even if she doesn't want one. you insist. >> and do i talk about myself? >> never. never talk about yourself. always about her. >> such good advice. >> is that good advice. >> that is very good advice. >> help everyone out here. all right. anyway, big names. it's getting really good reviews so far. all the reviews i've read, big thumbs up. check k out. >> steve carell has been so smart with his career. i'm happy it's getting good reviews. come monday "insomniac theater" will be back and we'll have the actual reviews of this movie. we'll let you know w at we think
3:28 am
and how many stars we give them here at "world news now."
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," frightening plot. an awol soldier is under arrest, accused of planning to set off bombs and attack servicemen and women. >> civilian police in texas say his arrest came just in the nick of time. it's friday, july 29th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. happy friday. i'm rob nelson. >> happy friday indeed. i'm tanya rivero. investigators say awol army soldier naser abdo was planning a revenge attack near ft. hood in texas. we'll bring you the latest on the apparent motive and what detectives have discovered about the plot. >> we worry about terrorism overseas, sometimes in our own
3:31 am
backyard things are going off. thank god this was uncovered in the nick of time as we said. also the pilot of a small plane who splash landed in lake huron and had to tread water for 18 hours waiting for help. he's well enough to tata and we'll hear about his unforgettable ordeal. later this half hour, dogs love to run. you're about to meet an amazing canine who is so into running he's a star attraction at a marathon. see why this is our favorite story of the day. before all that the army says for the second time in two years one of their own was plotting a deadly attack on troops at ft. hood, texas. >> this time a clerk at a gun shop got suspicious and tipped off police. it happened in killeen, texas, near the army base. as abc's ryan owens reports. >> reporter: investigators say this young soldier has been battling the army almost since he joined it. >> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> reporter: 21-year-old naser abdo didn't want to fight in afghanistan.
3:32 am
sources say he was more than willing to cause bloodshed at home. after being arrested he told officers he wanted to get even with the military and chose ft. hood because of the 2009 attack here. where major nidal hasan alleledly killed 13 and wounded 30. he told them he wasn't going to target the military post but a nearby restaurant popular with soldiers. he told them his plan was to set off two bombs then shoot any survivors. police say the attack was imminent. >> we would probably be here today giving you a different briefing had he not been stopped. >> reporter: greg ebert is the man who stopped him. a former marine and police officer who works at this killeen gun store. he got suspicious when abdo arrived in a cab on tuesday. then bought six pounds of gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun ammunition, and a magazine for a semi-automatic pistol. he paid $250 in cash. >> if somebody comes in, especially into a business like
3:33 am
this, and makes a purchase and doesn't know what he's buying, i'd be concerned about that. and was. i'm not bashful at all to point a finger and say, there's something wrong with this guy. >> reporter: concerned enough to call police. >> i t tught he was a little bit aloof. >> reporter: who the next day searched the soldier's room at this local hotel. >> i'm only pleased that an imbalanced individual is not out where he can do harm to the public. >> reporter: inside that young soldier's hotel room they not only found the ammunition he purchased in this store but a pistol as well as the components needed to make two bombs. ryan owens, abc news, killeen, texas. >> what a great save. >> man, that gun shop owner prevented what could have been another horrible tragedy. also inside that hotel room they found an article from an al qaeda online magazine called how to make a bomb in your kitchen. all the evidence pointed to a tragedy in the making. scary. >> this online magazine inspires causing counterterrorism experts
3:34 am
to worry because it hopes to encourage lone wolves to act on their own. >> just like this guy. >> absolutely. >> oh, man. norway's police say the man who's admitted to last friday's mass murders acted alone. anders breivik says though he's part of a network of individuals plotting against multi-cultural europe. authorities now are calling him a lone wolf who kept his plans to himself for at least a decade. they're concerned that his bombing and shooting massacre may inspire others. now to capitol hill where time is running out on the federal government's credit. >> house republicans promised to bring their plan to a vote last night but it didn't happen. abc's john hendren explains exactly what happened. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tataa. the vote was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. then came the notes from the republican leadership sounds like a pilot saying stand by. after that, inevitably, came the cancelation. the votes simply weren't theher. in the end, house speaker john boehner could not rally his troops.
3:35 am
>> the bill's not perfect. i never said it was perfect, nobody in my caucus believes it's perfect. but what this bill reflects is a sincere, honest effort to end this crisis. >> reporter: some tea partyers like presidential candidate michele bachmann did not go along. >> i cannot, i am committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >> reporter: after hours of delays while boehner sought to round up votes, members of congress still could not resolve the issue. the measure never had a chance in the senate. all 53 democrats signed a letter to boehner saying they would te against it. >> republicans cannot get the short-term band-aid they will vote on in the house today. they will not get one democratic vote in the senate. >> reporter: democrats back a rival bill by the senate's democratic leader harry reid. it would raise the debt limit through 2013, after the next election. republicans complain it's full of accounting gimmicks. >> they intend to vote against the only piece of legislation that has any chance of preventing all this from happening. >> reporter: with no clear path to get the deal done the white house is frustrated.
3:36 am
>> what we need to do is get beyond voting on dead on arrival measures that aren't going to become law when we have so few days left to reach a compromise. urging a novel solution saying president obama should raise the debt limit by himself without congress at all by invoking the 14th amendment. that is the one that guarantees the u.s. will pay its debt. rob and tanya? >> john hendren, thank you for that. one tea party republican who's been hostile to all of the debt limit deals has a tough new distraction. congressman joe walsh of illinois, a champion of fiscal responsibility, is reportedly being sued for child support. his ex-wife sasa walsh owes $117,000 but the congressman and father of three says the report is politically motivated. new jersey governor chris christie says he will be back at work today after his health scare e d a hospital visit. christie suffers from asthma and had trouble breathing yesterday. doctors performed a battery of tests which all came out normal. some republicans have tried to
3:37 am
convince the blunt-talking christie to run for president but he says that's not happening. by now you've likely heard the story of the pilot who crash landed in lake huron and treaded water for 18 hours before being rescued. michael trapp told his story to reporters in michigan yesterday. he admitted he made some mistakes. he says he wished he'd grabbed his plple's emergency locater beacon as he escaped the plane. trapp admitted by the time he was dragged onto a passing boat he was just about done. >> want some water? i'm like, water, really? milk, beer, soda? no, i was kidding. i drank the water. >> mike's muscles are very damaged. like probably running a marathon without any training. >> still has a sense of humor. michael trapp says he still can't walk. understandably. he's gun shy about flying again, instead he says he's going to buy a harley. a little safer. >> safer bet, right? tropical storm don is inching closer to southeastern texas, on track to come ashore tonight or tomorrow morning. don is packing 50-mile-an-hour
3:38 am
winds as it churns in the gulf. boaters in corpus christi are not taking any chances. winds could top 65 miles an hour by the time the storm hits. across texas, don can't get there soon enough. the drought there is historic and the rainfall is desperately needed. some areas are 15 inches short of their average rainfall. so the storm could bring farmers and ranchers just pretty much a drop in the bucket. >> not enough. >> better little than nothing. >> that's right, absolutely. let's get the latest on tropical storm don's path and all the rainfall that's expected. meteorologist jim dickey is tracking. good morning, jim. >> good morning, rob and tanya. tropical storm don is moving its way rather quickly north and westward. approaching the texas gulf coast. we are expecting it to make landfall around corpus christi as we get toward nightfall on our friday. not going to be much of a wind storm. winds expect to stay below tropical storm strength. 50 to 60-mile-per-hour sustained winds.
3:39 am
as it does make landfall. this will be more of a rain event which is good news. much of texas, including south texas, under extreme drought conditions here for quite some time. some spots will get significant rainfall. as much as 4 to o inches in spots. but also of concern here, storms could be strong, thunderstorms as this moves onshore. don't be surprised to see a few isolated tornados. rob and tanya, back to you. >> thanks. here's the rest of your friday forecast. rain from texas to louisville. showers and thunderstorms from washington, d.c. up to maine. wet and stormy in the upper midwest from the twin cities to detroit. downpours again in the southwest. >> 90 in salt lake city. 94 in boise. 74 in seattle. dallas 98. kansas city 91. and chicago 88. 79 in bean town. 90s from new orleans up to baltimore. here's a fun story. the summer x-games are back and that means plenty of dudes are putting themselves in jeopardy for our entertainment. >> check out steve mccann on his bike pulling off a double front
3:40 am
flip, oh, man, look at that, followed by what they call a double tail whip. oh, braver than i am, that's for sure. look at that. >> i don't know how they do that. not to be outdone, jackson strong doing a front flip on his motorcycle. he wound up winning that event. >> they say one of the big stars of the games is going to be skateboarder mitchie brusco. he's doing all sorts of crazy stuff. and get this. mitchie, just 14 years old. >> i've got to wonder how his mom feels about that. >> she's got to be a little scared. >> is she watching or she's got her eyes closed. >> i don't know how those guys do it. good luck. >> wow, very impressive. >> yes. more "world news now" when we come right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card,
3:41 am
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3:43 am
well, it certainly was a wild week. and that meant a lot of people surfing the web for info on what was happening. as you can imagine the showdown on the nation's debt was a popular search. >> as was netflix and even happy meals. we know a little about that. here's yahoo! web life editor heather cabot with the week's hot trends. good morning, heather. >> good morning. it's been a busy news week and the search trends on yahoo! show people are following many of the big stories minute by minute. first up, the aftermath of that horrific shooting rampage and bombing in norway. since the event, people have been looking for details about the suspect's family, his manifesto, maps of norway, questions about norway's immigration policy, and also glenn beck's reaction to the tragedy.
3:44 am
the funeral and inconclusive autopsy results for singer amy winehouse dominated searches this week as well. fans mourned her death and also continued to research the grim history of other talented singers who left us too soon, especialal those who died before their 27th birthdays including janis joplin, jimi hendrix, and kurt cobain. another big story resonating online, the president's speech and that august 2nd deadline to raise the country's debt ceiling. we saw lots of americans looking up the names of their own house and senate members. and also questions about how many times the debt ceiling has been raised in the past. house speaker john boehner remains a hot search topic. a lot of people want to know how to pronounce his name. they are also clarifying the details of his proposed deficit reduction plan as he and the white house continue to wrestle for a solutiti. some big business news kept the web buzzing this week. word that walmart will try to take on netflix and now offer online movie rentals sent lookups for walmart video up
3:45 am
1,100%. mcdonald's revamped happy meals also set up big buzz in the search world. and of course the start of nfl training camp after the owners and players struck a deal also struck a major chord online. and finally, it's hot. and the reason high temps are sending more people online to look for cold drinks to cool off. the top searched cocktail this week is the mojito. and if you're not 21, how about a tall glass of chocolate milk? it was chocolate milk day this week. we saw a big jump in searches for the good old hershey's version and a renewed interest of egg creams, the combo of syrup, milk and seltzer. sounds good. have a great weekend, guys. >> all right, it's not a mojito -- >> certainly would be nice. >> i guess it will do. >> i don't understand chocolate milk as a hot weather drink. >> i guess if you're under 12. >> you've got to do it. pat, a bailey's when you get a chance, dude. come on. >> exactly. this is all we get?
3:46 am
>> spice it up. it is friday, right? mm. a very fancy glass, we're very high-class. >> that's right. it's wishful thinking. >> oh, yes. coming up next, celebrities and their cosmetic surgeries. who's happy and who ain't. and kat von d and her decision about one of her tattoos next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
welcome back, everybody, to your friday edition of "the skinny." >> you're going to talk to us about celebrities who don't want to be skinny in certain areas. >> this is very true. what better place to start than breast implants. two stars now speaking out about their breast implants. number one is tori spelling of "beverly hills 90210" fame of years ago. she sat down with "good morning america". she regrets having her chest done. she says, i got my boobs done in my early 20s and if i'd known it would or possibly could have impacted production of milk i would never have had them done. >> wow.
3:49 am
>> she of course is a mother now so -- >> strong statement. >> on the flip side, denise richards, beautiful ex of charlie sheen, she had three boob job surgeries. she's speaking out now because she has a new memoir coming out. she regrets getting them done at 19 years old. she says finally after three she's finally happy with them. she says, when i was 19 a doctor put in bigger implants than what i had asked for. i was in such a hurry to get them that i didn't research my doctor. she had a second surgery, they ended up still too big. finally the third time around she's okay. >> denise, if you're happy we're happy. >> after a while we're all happy. >> that's right, that's right. >> moving on to a sadder topic. it appears that amy winehouse's family believes that they know why she died. they say she possibly died from alcohol withdrawal. >> withdrawal? >> her doctors had told her to stop the alcohol slowly, but she went cold turkey and they believe her body just couldn't take it. so that's what her family believes. of course, the toxicology reports are not yet out so we do not know the exact cause of her
3:50 am
death. that's what her family believes. but there's also some news about some songs that may be released. >> they say she left what some folks are calling a treasure trove of unreleased music. there could be an album release posthumously sometime. which would be great. that's always a big seller when we get to hear them after they're already gone and what they didn't release. hopefully we'll hear more from her. a talent gone way y o soon. >> of course her album "back to black" is expected to hit the charts again. >> big sales, big sales when she passed. also a lighter note. kat von d, we mentioned the big breakup with jesse james earlier this week. we mentioned too, she'd gotten a tattoo of his face -- >> in fifth grade, it wasn't even his adult face. it was his fifth grade face. >> this couple is so -- >> interesting. >> that's a very diplomatic way to put it. interesting couple here. guess what, she says, you know, i'm keeping the tattoo. there it is. i'm not getting rid of it, i'm keeping my ex's childhood face on the side of my body. >> you know what else?
3:51 am
she's got another face of an ex-boyfriend somewhere else on her body and she says that one is sticking around as well. >> so her body is a ink-stained monument to past lovers. is that what it is? >> you know what you get if you date kat von d. >> hey, you know what? hey. >> a little permanence on the sk. >> god bless the freaks. >> good one. >> one more little thing here. >> sorry. >> "dancing with the stars." >> oh, yes. >> big show here at abc. apparently there's another kardashian who is going to join the ranks. not kim. she was kind of disastrous when she was on the show. robert kardashian, the only male sibling of that group, of that brood, is going to come on the show. >> it might be good for him. he's always on the sidelines, now he's going to be spotlighted. he's getting a little attention. >> which is good for him. i think he likes being the low key of all the kardashians. he'll be out there twirling and spinning. >> the question is will he have the time to dedicate to kim's upcoming nuptials?
3:52 am
>> august 20th, my ex-wife kim kardashian is getting married. we'll see how that goes, if he'll have enough time to do it all. good luck, kim. coming up next, the marathon runner who is getting all the attention. hó
3:53 am
3:54 am
more than you think. that's why there's charmin ultra strong.
3:55 am
so it holds up better. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong. ♪ this friday night >> welcome back, everybody. that was dancing. >> yeah. katy perry. >> katy fan, pat. our favorite story of the day now. and this is about a dog that was born to run. >> dozer the dog is a scrappy goldendoodle. when he saw hundreds running in the marathon he decided to do what anyone would do, join in on the fun. abc's john donvan has more. >> reporter: s srt at the ending. the finish line. a half marathon in maryland.
3:56 am
so why the dog? >> well done, well done. >> reporter: more importantly, why give the dog a medal? well, here then the beginning. dozer the goldendoodle in 2008. when his new human went to take him home -- that would have been roseannethere with the stick -- all his puppy brothers and sisters had already left. >> he was the dog nobody wanted. >> reporter: which made dozer kind of an underdog. but then, fast forward three years. the sunday morning of the maryland half marathon. 2,000 runners, 13-plus miles, pounding down the road for cancer research. when they passed dozer's house he somehow slipped past the virtual fence meant to keep him inside and joined the runners. caught up in the current there he was. still later, there. out of place but keeping up, without gatorade or power bars. as people snapped his picture all along the route. up ahead, this was it. and somebody actually videotaped the moment. at what to the runners nearby was 2:14.
3:57 am
so he was already famous by the time he wandered back home next morning, to the relief of an obviously worried roseanne. the medal was from the greenbound cancer center at university of maryland. dozer's story was bringing in contributions. with his facebook page and close to 2,500 fans he's raised $17,000, surpassing any of the human runners. you know what that makes dozer the goldendoodle, one-time underdog? it makes him poster dog. and puts him a lot closer to the front of the pack. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> that is one cute dog. >> and you know it's big when he has his own facebook page too. >> oh, yeah. how many likes on that one? >> a lot. >> i'll bet. >> you're in good shape, are you a runner? by any chance? >> i wish. i don't run. you run at all? >> we found a little picture. of you coming in on your way to work. >> maybe that would work. just show pictures of myself running and somehow that will get me healthy. that's a good idea.
3:58 am
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